Mixed-Criticality Systems

What are Mixed Criticality Systems?

Mixed-criticality features allow system developers to integrate safety-relevant and non-safety systems on the same physical platforms, thus reducing total system cost, size, weight and power usage. In order to make this possible, strong guarantees must be provided so that the non-safety-components can never interfere with critical components, which has so far been very difficult to achieve.

Architectures for MCS

Different approaches and architectures exist that aim to cleanly separate safety-critical and non-safety-critical applications.

Certification Challenges

Each application domain has different requirements with regards to the certification of safety-critical and mixed-critical systems:

Modular Certification and Safety Concepts for Mixed Criticality

Modular safety concepts increase the efficiency of Mixed-Criticality solutions by reducing certification efforts

Technologies for Mixed-Criticality Systems

Several areas of technology aim to solve some of the challenges from mixed criticality, which are grouped in the following categories: